Saturday, 3 September 2016


You know that amazing feeling at the start of summer where you give yourself one too many goals to achieve during summer? Yep that was me. I haven't managed to achieve anything apart from filling out my student finance form. In all fairness I did manage to get a job which was my main priority, but that has definitely sucked all the energy and life out of me (yes I'm secretly100 years old). I've been abandoning my blog this summer, I've just lacked the inspiration to post and what harm could 1 more week of not posting do, so why not extend that to three more weeks? I've almost come to the point of deleting this memory box because I'm just not happy with the content that I'm producing. How to make myself feel better? Give this good ol' blog a lil revamp! There's a few lil tweaks here and there but I'm happy with how it's turned out and fingers crossed this will give me the motivation to update this space a bit more. 

What's happened since I last blogged? (having to go through my facebook timeline in search of photos because it was that long ago...)
1. Hit up Nottingham to see my uni friends; went crazy golfing (I came joint first, perhaps I could pursue a career in that if architecture doesn't go to plan?), ate a very bad burrito at las iguanas and a 'caesar' salad from F&B (imagine a huge pile of cabbage bits with two croutons, definitely do NOT recommend, went bowling and came last yay
2. Met up with two of my besties and made some yummy vegan food. Ended up chatting for hours on end, it was very sad to leave her house
3. Had a work dinner at a German restaurant; there was enough food to feed an entire village, a lot of cider and beer was consumed and there was lots of laughs for sure
Basically this month has consisted of working and eating, not bad at all...

Here are a few snippets from my instagram and phone, enjoy!


  1. Love these photos darling!
    Kinga x

  2. I've been loving your posts ever since I found you (maybe over a year ago?) and I'm so glad that you decided to continue blogging :) Lovely photos as always <3 and I'm looking forward to your future posts~ also the new layout is so fab!