Friday, 16 September 2016


Next stop: Venice
Having vague but wonderful memories from my year 12 trip to Venice left me somewhat excited to come back to rediscover the hidden alleyways and gelato I always dreamed of. We managed to find our round courtesy of the signs that were dotted around every street corner. I definitely missed the feeling of being close to the waters and seeing gondoliers in their fitted striped tops and dark shades (how they all manage to look so cool I will never know).

Top things to do:
1. Wander the streets and find yourself some homemade goods
Go to a bakery shop (you know the best one's are the ones you can smell from miles away) so don't hesitate. 10/10 would recommend Farini Bakery; top marks for the selection of pizzas and treats they do. 

2. Treat yoself if you have a little extra cash to splash
My sister and I managed to get drawn into the trap and dine in St Mark's Square at Cafe Florian (if you have been you will have most definitely seen it; lots of white tables with a live band playing outside). Who knew a cappucino and tiramisu and a fare for the live music (little did we know) would cost 35 euros?! #yolo 

3. Visit the the other islands
Although we didn't have enough time to visit the other islands, I definitely recommend visiting Murano or Burano. They offer wonderful little patisserie shops and houses painted so bright you'll think they were a part of Balamory. 


  1. So pretty! I hope to see Venice one day.

  2. Lovely photos! Also,t hank you for the recommendations. I hope I can visit soon.

    Belle in Black and White